Topcon Hiper V Network Rover GPS

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Topcon Hiper V Network Rover with FC-500 Standard Controller

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month

include :

- Topcon Hiper V GPS Receiver 

- Topcon FC-500 Standard Controller with Magnet Field GPS Software

- Instrument & Controller Batteries and Chargers

- Battery Charger

- Hard Carry Case


- Capable of tracking GPS and GLONASS constellations

- Universal Tracking Channels capable of all-in-view tracking

- Signal scrubbing Fence Antenna® to provide ultimate signal lock

- Offers choice of UHF or Spread Spectrum radios, as well as an optional, internal cellular modem

- Versatile, work-horse receiver with various configurations gets the job done regardless of your job scenario

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